Lake Barrine

Rainforest Reserves' mission is to care for injured and orphaned cassowaries to help return them back to the Wild. Our aim is also to help reverse the Extinction crisis which faces Cassowaries by restoring rainforest for Cassowaries and their friends, through planting and maintenance.

Rainforest Reserves Australia is a Registered Non for Profit organisation made up of passionate Members who are volunteers. Our highest priority is to continue to operate the 2 Cassowary Rehabilitation Facilities in North Queensland so that injured and orphaned cassowaries may be returned to the wild.

Our Mission is to raise awareness and to continue to help save our precious Cassowaries by operating Garners Beach Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility and the Tablelands Cassowary Facility.

We are committed to building Partnerships, working in with Community and depend on sponsorships from philanthropists, Grants and businesses to lend a helping hand.