Rainforest Reserves Australia is a Non for Profit organisation and is hands on when it comes to purchasing land to connect and expand Wildlife Corridors to World Heritage Parks and Nature Refuges.

In North Queensland, clearing of land for agricultural production has impacted on our unique ecosystems, destroying fragile rainforest habitats, including cassowaries and many more precious native flora and fauna.

The mission of Rainforest Reserves Australia is to Purchase, Restore and Protect Rainforest Habitat for Native Wildlife forever. Also to operate Garners Beach Cassowary Facility and the Tablelands Cassowary Facility prior to Cassowaries being released back to the wild.

Our aim is to help reverse the Extinction crisis which faces Cassowaries by purchasing land and restoring rainforest habitat. Our aim is to protect precious rainforest in perpetuity. Together with neighbours, we actively cull wild dogs and pigs and look forward to working with a design which is cassowary friendly pig traps.