Chalumbin is a vast and remote region of wilderness located on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. It sits between Tully Gorge National Park and Koombooloomba National Park and it’s remote location ensures native animals and plants are protected from much human interference. A 78000 acre parcel of land is slated by an energy company to become a wind farm. 95 wind turbines are planned to be installed on this unique habitat in the name of “green energy” – the habitat destruction and impact upon protected species may be devastating.


If the wind farm goes ahead:


     Vast swathes of untouched wilderness will be cleared to install the turbines and earth will be blasted for roads to be created. Delicate ecosystems will be irreparably damaged and crucial habitat lost to make way for 70m (on average) wide roads and massive industrial wind turbines.


    The lives of critically endangered species that live in Chalumbin such as the Magnificent Brood Frog will be further jeopardised. Studies have shown raptors and bats as well as insects are most likely to be killed by wind turbines. Greater Gliders, listed as Vulnerable under the EPBC Act, rely on the tree corridors of Chalumbin for survival and the endangered Magnificent Brood frogs numbers will be further strained as their habitat is destroyed.


    Australia has one of the highest rates of animal and plant extinction in the world. Queensland particularly is being deforested at an alarming rate. The threat of climate change calls for us to preserve every last pocket of untouched wilderness left – it is now literally a matter of life and death for the animals, trees and unique ecosystems of our country.


    In Queensland there is a tragic precedent of wilderness being destroyed for Wind Farms – Emerald Heights, once a stunning intact wilderness has now been razed for a wind farm. This land can now never be restored. Massive concrete foundations will remain embedded in the earth at Emerald Heights for the indefinite future and turbine propellers will go to landfill once used. The ecological cost of a wind farm on untouched wilderness is simply too high.


    Very few people are aware of the plans to develop the Chalumbin wind farm -  we know if Australians knew, they would be angry. We question why government has been allowed to canvas such a decision regarding this state owned land behind closed doors.  Why has there been no genuine community consultation?


    Queensland government has a track record of prioritising “jobs and growth” for the sake of the environment. With few full time jobs promised with this development (and going mainly to specialist technicians) the long term alleged economic benefits are dubious. The real burden is borne by the Ravenshoe community and the unique and vulnerable flora and fauna of Chalumbin that will be perhaps catastrophically impacted.


It’s not too late to protect Chalumbin. It has been declared a Controlled Action by the Federal Environment Minister and the public will have a chance to comment on the wind farm proposal. We want to spread the word and make sure people are informed. We are calling on the media to investigate the decision making processes behind this wind farm and ask why it should be built in such an untouched area of wilderness.


Please sign this petition addressed to the QLD State Government: