Updates on our most recent inmates and news.

Kuranda Hercules Returns

Hercules returns a bit the worse for wear but alive after being hit by a car at 100km/h. Hercules, a 3 year old male from Kuranda, lived up to his name with a herculean will to survive after nearly losing an eye, lots of feathers and skin and being battered and bruised. It was definitely a touch and go rescue with personnel from the Department of Environment and Science (DES) on the scene promptly. He has been sighted since returning back to his own country area and we would urge all motorists to be vigilant for these locals.

Grande grows

Grande celebrated her first birthday this week in the Tableland Cassowary Facility. After being rescued as a very tiny stripey and nursed patiently by Ingrid at the Garners Beach Facility, she was paired with a young orphaned emu. The pair transitioned to the Tablelands and kept each other warm for a few months before the emu found a new home in a zoo. (He couldn’t be returned to an unknown flock and be accepted.) Grande is learning to forage for herself but she is still to meet her milestones before being released as an adult cassowary into the wild. Research demonstrates that adult birds have a much higher chance of survival in the wild than juveniles. Grande is being monitored with cameras throughout the facility so she has minimal human contact and can be observed in a natural habitat.

Tree planting

We have been busy working on extending the rehabilitation area by re-foresting areas where cassowaries may be released in the future. Earlier this year, during our wet season, we achieved extensive planting with the help of TREAT and other volunteers. The trees are growing steadily and some weed control is about to be accomplished in the near future. 

Fundraising Efforts

Rainforest Reserves is hoping to extend and thicken the rainforest areas around the Tableland Cassowary Facility with some land acquisition. We are therefore embarking on some fundraising efforts and will be meeting with Kelvin (Need surname) next week to come up with some BIG ideas. Carolyn and Phil Emms and Belinda Bogart manned a stall at the Atherton Plant Sale weekend recently, but we will need to be raising serious dollars to purchase the land. Carolyn and Phil have once again demonstrated their philanthropy with their Lake Barrine BnB used as a fund-raising venture with all profits utilised for weed control and tree planting at the Tableland Cassowary facility.

Injured Hercules
Happy birthday Grande