Rainforest Trust Affiliation and TAX BENEFITS

Some more exciting news to date has been our amalgamation with Rainforest Trust, http://rainforesttrust.org, which will assist with fundraising efforts in order to pursue our goals for providing soft and safe release for our injured birds through revegetation at Barrine Park. This partnership will allow donors to claim tax benefits for which we do not yet have permission.

It also increases our ability to source funding and augment our supporter base through the generous matched donations of benefactors of the Trust. The Tableland Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility will be finished with the ponds being developed before the end of June. The pipes and fencing have been installed. 50 000 trees have been planted since 2008, and the whole 100 acres is dog, pig and car free. This amazing opportunity offers hope for the birds to learn to forage and heal in safety, and to be humanely de-humanized which increases their chances of survival on release. The food would have to be provided to some extent still, but will be placed in such a way so that the birds have to locate it. The nursery collects and processes native fruits every week for future plantings.  The Barrine Park Nature Refuge will continue to expand and protect these birds in perpetuity with your assistance and support. Donate now and claim your tax deduction while helping to provide for our endangered wildlife. This donation does not contribute to the upkeep at Garners Beach – that is a separate entity and will be raising funds through other processes. Don’t forget to choose Australia: Atherton Tablelands in the chosen fund selection.